2022 State Convention Sponsors

The National Federation of the Blind of Nevada’s listing of sponsors for the 2022 state convention is provided below. We thank all sponsors for their support to change what it means to be blind.

Title Sponsor $4,000


Clusiv is the world's first accessible e-learning platform built for & by people who are blind.

Clusiv training teaches you the necessary skills needed to access remote job opportunities in today’s modern workforce. Learn confidence-building techniques for virtual interviews, save files on the cloud, master email platforms, and become a vital part of any remote team with Clusiv’s training.

Clusiv is remote and self-paced so you can learn from the comfort of home. Ask your vocational rehab counselor about Clusiv today!!!

Visit Clusiv.io to find out more.

Platinum Sponsor $2000

Beyond Limits Running

Co-founded 11 years ago by Stephanie Rubeli, a double organ transplant recipient and her husband, Ken Rubeli, Beyond Limits Running (“BLR”) was formed to help runners of all abilities run way past their perceived limits by competing in running events. Stephanie and Ken are very active in Southern Nevada philanthropy. Ken is a former casino executive and retired CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. Currently, he serves as board president of Las Vegas-based Andson Foundation and is a Boys & Girls Club Foundation trustee. Known for its over-the-top festive events, BLR produces the Beyond Limits Ultra Race, the Happy Hippie Harvest Run and the Bee-utiful Sunflower Run. BLR recently sold its nationally recognized Jackpot Ultra Running Festival to Arabia Pa Running. Learn more at www.BeyondLimitsRunning.com.

Gold Sponsored $500

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Non-24 is a serious chronic disorder affecting up to 70% of totally blind individuals but you don’t have to be totally blind to have this condition.

Without enough or any light cues, individuals living with Non-24 may experience the following symptoms—

  • Trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep during the night
  • A strong urge to sleep during the day or a tendency to fall asleep unexpectedly
  • Sleep patterns that are different from those of most other people they know
  • Difficulty staying awake during the day which may affect time at work, at school, social activities and/or family time
  • Periods of good sleep followed by periods of poor sleep
  • Wake up feeling groggy or the feeling they haven’t gotten enough sleep

To learn more, please contact Shauna Jatho RN clinical nurse educator at 202.538.0396

Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living

Independence is Accessible

NNCIL is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities by promoting independence through self-empowerment, choice, and community involvement.


White Cane Sponsored $250

Southern Nevada Center for Independent

Located about one mile from the Las Vegas Strip, SNCIL has been in Southern Nevada since 1984. In 1995 SNCIL became a stand-alone Center for Independent Living and established a satellite office to serve the rural areas of Southern Nevada.

Differing from most organizations that serve people with disabilities, SNCIL is founded on the belief that independent living is about consumer control. Guided by the Independent Living and People First Philosophy, the majority of board, staff and volunteers are individuals with disabilities. We are here to help you adapt to living with your disability and pursue the life you want to live.

SNCIL is one of approximately 350 consumer directed Centers located throughout the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and American Samoa funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living.

Sponsored $150


3DPhotoWorks is committed to delivering accessible and inclusive images to the blind, disabled, and sighted communities. These transformative experiences allow for an intimate connection with a wide range of visual and graphic material. Images designed for touch provide the opportunity to acquire visual information independently, without relying on recorded descriptions or the interpretation of a sighted companion. Users can explore the depth and complexity of their favorite artworks and images, often for the first time.

Since 2008, the company has worked closely with the blind community to research and develop tactile technology. In 2021, 3DPhotoWorks, Tactile Image’s, the National Federation of the Blind, and Getty Images partnered to deliver more than 45 million images to the blind and disabled at museums, science centers, libraries, government agencies, and cultural institutions worldwide.